Aquasorb Series

The Aquasorb Series cartridge filters are best used for the removal of particulate from a variety of petroleum products.These are designed to absorb water where it may harmful to a specific application. On average a AQ718 cartridge is capable of retaining between 1-3 quarts of water (depending on flow rate, viscosity and inlet water concentration).

  • AQ filter allows for high flow rates with a low pressure drop.
  • Plated steel end caps and core help protect the element from collapsing at high differential pressures.
  • Media constructed of special resin impregnated cellulose and water absorbing media.
  • External steel wrap protects pleats from deforming during high flow rates.
  • Available in micron ratings from 0.5 m to 25 m.
  • Effectively used, for applications where water damage is a serious concern for equipment down the line.
  • Elements come standard with Buna-N gaskets with other options available.

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