Filtration Accessories

Fil-Trek supplies a wide variety of industrial filtration products and accessories specific to each industry. Accessories include valves, bag retainers, filter baskets, omega gages, spring and cap assemblies and bolt assemblies.

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  • Air Eliminators Filtration Product Accessories

    Air Eliminators

    Air eliminators are a compact float-type valve used for the removal of air and other gases from liquid filtration systems, hydronic heating and cooling systems, liquid chilling operations and other light liquid services.

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  • Bag retainers

    Bag Retainers

    Bag retainers assist in keeping the bag filters installed within a retaining basket open and preventing it from folding or collapsing on itself. This ensures that the entire surface area of the bag is available and can extend its life. This can be used in combination with a displacement balloon.

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  • Filter Basket Housing & Accessories

    Filter Housing Baskets

    Available in P1, P2 and P4 sizes, retainer baskets are installed inside all Fil-Trek bag filter housings. Can be used with our without bag filters and available in SS304, SS316 and other metals. Other sizes available, please contact us for more information.

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  • Filter Housing Valves

    Filter Housing Valves

    Valves are used to control the flow of the liquid through the housing. Available in a multitude of types and determined based on application. Available product options: Ball valves Butterfly valves Gate Valves

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  • Housing Pressure Gages

    Differential pressure gauges can be installed on all Fil-Trek housings to inform operators when servicing is needed. Using DP gauges can prevent unnecessary downtime, improves process quality and maximize efficiency. Recommended filter replacement is typically around 15 PSID. Pressure gauges are available in a variety of types including, standard liquid level gauges, differential pressure gauges, differential pressure switched or a … Read More

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  • Omega Spring - Filter Housing Accessories

    Omega Spring

    Omega springs are used inside single bag filter housings to assist in keeping the bag filter snug inside the basket during use. They sit directly on top of the filter basket and are easily removed when needed.

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  • Spring and Cap Assemblies

    Spring & cap assemblies are used in filter housings that require support for the cartridge filters. They are used to keep the filter element upright and snug in the housing during service and are often used in combination with a v-post. Available in SS316 or PVC/Teflon.

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  • Swing Bolt Assembly Replacement Parts

    Swing Bolt Assemblies

    Swing bolt assemblies are used for most closures on Fil-Trek housings. Available in a variety of sizes and materials and is determined by the size of vessel and application.

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  • V-Posts / Filter Tube Guides

    V-Posts/Tube guides for use inside a cartridge filter vessel that uses DOE filter cartridges. V-posts keep elements properly installed while in operation.

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