Single Layer Bag Filters

Single-layer bag filters are a cost-effective method to remove solid and gelatinous particulates, especially for pre-filter applications.

Filters are made from a range of quality media including nylon, polyester and polypropylene and offer the broadest range of nominally rated micron ratings, lengths and ring options. Single-layer bags can be offered in felt, melt blown media and mesh style media options

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  • Mera Felt Bag Filters

    Mera Felt Series

    Single-layer Bag Filter
    • Nominally Rated • Universal • Cost Effective
    Product Type: Element

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  • Mesh Bag Series Monofilament & Multifilament Bag Filter

    Mesh Bag Series Filters

    Monofilament & Multifilament Bag Filter
    • POMO • PEMU • NMU • NMO
    Product Type: Element

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  • PEPT Series Single & Double Layer Bag Filter

    PEPT Series Bag Filter

    Single or Double Layer Bag Filter
    • Nominally Rated • Ideal for High Viscosity Applications
    Product Type: Element

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