Pleated Bag Filter

Deep pleated polyester Peptdp series phenolic resin bag filters are nominally rated and ideal for high viscosity applications including gel-like particulate.  Heat set fibres and thermally bonded end caps eliminate fibre migration and bypass. Broad chemical capabilities. Sized to fit standard P2 housings. Unique pleated construction contains over 35 sq. ft. of usable media and reduces disposal volume and costs. 

  • Nominally Rated
  • Ideal for High Viscosity Applications

Product Type: Element

Suitable Applications

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Product Options

Materials of Construction


  • Polyester w/ Phenolic Resin
  • Textile


  • Polypropylene

Available Sizes/Lengths

P2—6.25″ dia x 26″ (16.83 cm x 66.04 cm)

Temperature Limit

Polyester @ 275°F (135°C)

Maximum Differential Pressure


Micron Ratings

1 – 100 micron

Filter Efficiency

Nominal up to 90%

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