HCG Series

HCG cartridges are your high efficiency pleated filters that are made up of special resin impregnated cellulose and micro glass fibres. This combination of the two materials ensures consistent high flow rates and efficient filtration every time. These pleated filters are best used in water, chemical and petroleum based fluid applications.With such a high glass content present, this assists in protecting the filter against swelling and deterioration which can be a problem when using cellulose based filters. Both the centre core and end caps are made of tin plated steel and Buna-N gaskets are standard.

  • Pleated cellulose/glass cartridges available in a variety of configurations
  • Effective removal at 96.67%(Beta 30) efficiency from 1 m nominal and at 98.67%(Beta 75) efficiency from 3 m absolute.
  • Plated steel end caps and core help protect the element.
  • Element uses phenolic resin impregnated cellulose & microglass fibres.
  • Spiral formed, plated steel centre cores are standard to prevent cartridge collapse at high differential pressures.
  • Elements come standard with Buna-N gaskets with others available.
  • Can be used to replace other manufacturers elements.

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