98 Series

Fabricated Automatic Scraper Strainer

Fil-Trek’s automatic, motorized self cleaning strainers offer continuous removal of debris from fluid processes requiring uninterrupted flow.

  • Offset Configuration
  • ASME Code

Product Type: Strainer

Suitable Applications

Product Options

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon Steel
  • SS304
  • SS316

Also available in AL6XN, 2507, 2205, LDX2101, Monel 400, Hastelloy C276

Other materials may be available, please contact Fil-Trek.

Available Sizes/Lengths

1″ – 42″

Duplexing Available?


Pressure Ratings

  • ASME Class 150
  • ASME Class 300


  • 98 – Offset w/ ANSI thru bolt closure

Basket/Mesh Options

Perf Options

Screen size: 500 micron std

*Other micron sizes available in increments of 20 from 100 to 1,000 micron

Mesh Options


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