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Fil-Trek can provide customized solutions to meet your specific filtration project requirements.  Fil-Trek retains an extensive product line up of filtration equipment and media including cartridge filters, bag filters, sand filters and large scale filtration skids.  Specialty applications are welcome and Fil-Trek will design and build for these applications.

Fil-Trek Rental Trailers

Benefits of Fil-Trek’s Rental Program Include:

  • Decreased operation costs due to the reduction of hauling fresh water to job sites.
  • Filtration is continuous with no interruption because pods can be isolated for easy filter change-out.
  • Conveniently located bypass valves, guages and catwalks for easy filter change-out and monitoring.
  • Flow rates up to 3000 GPM.
  • Filter vessels may be customized in size to fit any application requirements.
  • Mechanical parts are oil field durable and replacement of parts will not be needed.
  • Fil-Trek’s expert servicing team can provide installation, maintenance and tear down services at a minimal cost.
HPI Series Filter

Standard Rentals

PESL Series Filters

Custom Rentals

Sand Separator Series

Fil-Trek uses single and duplex units on skids as part of our standard mobile fleet.  These housings are designed to remove solids and promote water recycling by eliminating the need to haul fresh water to the site.  With trailer mounts that are included on each rental, regular transport to various job sites have become hassle-free and convenient.

All mobile units are built to withstand the most demanding environments and can be customized to meet specific flow rate requirements and valve configurations. Standard Rentals include:

  • Bag filter housings
  • Cartridge filter housings
  • Strainers
  • Tanks/other

On occasion, companies require short term filtration units while still meeting strict requirements.  Fil-Trek can provide these solutions white abiding the most demanding guidelines.  Fil-Treks’ rental housings satisfy both short term and long term servicing requests.  Previous custom rental packages have included:

  • Sand filters
  • Large scale, multi-housing filtration skids
  • Oil removal systems