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RCC Series

RCC Series


The RCC Coalescer Cartridges are primarily used to coalesce water and remove particulate from hydrocarbon fluids. Other applications that benefit from using these cartridges would be:

  • Various fuels
  • Process streams in refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Condensate streams where natural gas can be found

Other liquids may benefit from a coalescer cartridge if they are immiscible. To determine whether a coalescer is appropriate for your application, take a sample of the mixture. If it separates within an hour or two, a coalescer will likely work. However if the mixture hasn’t separated and 24 or more hours have passed, coalescing will not work.

  • Multilayer fibreglass media ideal for removing particle and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fluids.
  • Effective waste removal from 0.5?m to 25?m.
  • Available in all fibreglass media or combination fibreglass and pleated media with flat gasket, o-ring seals and thread base end options.
  • Elements fit most industry standard housings.
  • Cost effective particle removal from hydrocarbon fluids and easy installation with a one-piece design.
RCC Filters


RCC Series Data Sheet (coming soon)

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