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FG Series

FG Series


FG coalescing cartridges deliver extremely high removal efficiencies for liquid and solid aerosols in air and gas applications. FG series elements are used in a variety of applications including protecting compressors, turbines, heat exchangers, measuring equipment and mechanical seals.

These filters are effective in recovering entrained solvents and hydrocarbon liquids. Both end caps and centre cores are constructed of either plated carbon steel or stainless steel and standard end cap gaskets are made of Buna-N which make the core and caps resistant to all hydrocarbons.

  • Fibreglass media
  • Excellent removal of both liquid and solid particulates and waste with absolute efficiency
  • Capable of withstanding vibration, pulsation and slugging while maintaining high flow rates
  • Special media and pre-filtration options available
  • Spiral formed, plated steel centre cores are standard to prevent cartridge collapse at high differential pressures
  • Elements come standard with Buna-N gaskets with other options available
FG Filters

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