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CC Series

CC Series


The CC Series carbon canister filters are available in two configurations:

Radial Flow
Radial Flow activated carbon canisters present a greater superficial area to the process fluid, lowering the velocity to better deal with high solids contamination.

Vertical Flow
Vertical flow activated carbon canisters have been proven to increase fluid contact, by eliminating the potential bypass in using the relatively thin bed available in a radial flow configuration.

  • CC series activated carbon elements are available in a variety of configurations.
  • Plated steel end caps and core help protect the element from bursting into the system.
  • Provide an effective and economical method of adsorbing impurities from gas, air, water, amines, glycols, along with other process liquids.
  • Spiral formed, plated steel centre cores are standard to prevent cartridge collapse at high differential pressures.
  • Elements come standard with Buna-N gaskets with others available.
  • Can be used as replacements for other manufacturers elements.
CC Filters

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